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About Us

Atlantic Dominion is an established family-owned company, currently run by the great-granddaughter of the founder. It began in 1875 as Old Dominion Tobacco Company, a cigar manufacturer. The company began distributing its tobacco products, then added other lines of products, and the vending division was born in 1926.

The Vending Division is now a full line vending service, providing modern state-of-the-art vending, along with a full-line Office Coffee Service, and a 24/7 service department. We also sell dry ice and provide CO2 tank refills.


Service Dispatch/Inquiries/ Reception (757) 333-7400
Account Sales Representatives (757) 333-7651 or (757) 333-7659
CO2, Dry Ice & Asset Management (757) 333-7653
Office Coffee & Accounts Receivable (757) 769-7733
Accounts Payable & Purchasing (757) 769-7732
Route Management & Purchasing (757) 769-7735